NFT (Nifties) based on Emptiness V I


Description of the NFT: You will bid on a video 2160x2160 px, 191 keyframes - endless-loop. The video is based on the key element of my real art digital art sculpture 'Emptiness Version I'. The video is based on the digitally created property. As in the real world digital sculpture, the video is avaialble in those five colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Grey and White. You are buying the verison colored red. Digital Art Sculptures - challenging the conventional art market.
The NFT is based on the Sculpture Emptiness V I (colored blue)


NFT's (Non-Fungible Token) verfügbar auf
Diese 3 NFT baserien auf der Skulptur Emptiness V I (colored)

External Links (

Find below the link to the different NFT (non-fungible token) on
Externer Link zu den NFTs (Non-Fungible Token):
Link Version in White


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