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I am a digital artist since more than 20 year working in different media from Photography, Sculpture to Digital Art (3D, Photo Manipulation, web art, etc.). My focus is on our battle to fight the inner and outer world. Photography. This media became insufficient to express myself, hence I seeked a new media – from photography to sculpture. Working in IT I then started to endorse the endless possibilities of Digital Art. I create digital art since more than 20+ years. Since 2017 I focus my work mainly on digital art sculpture – digitally crafted and interactive art – materialized through 3D printing technologies and other emerging technologies and platforms. My work may be about myself and my inner and outer world, but more important, it is about the viewers value and beliefs: art becomes art, if it makes you think. I am represented by the Network of Art - Switzerland


Digital Art Sculpture are the perfect match to be transferred to NFT (Non-fungible token) or Nifties. Some say, NFT is are just a hype. While I agree, NFT are currently hyped, the NFT will change the art market sooner or later - in on or the other way.

I created my 1st NFT based on a digitial art (rendered 3D graph) from 2001 on


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