Circle of Influence

Circle of Influence

Bad leaders care about their personal career first - they find excuses, if things goes wrong.
True leaders put their people first! If things go wrong, they find and implement the next thing to improve.

The Circle of Influence (The tool)


  • Focus your efforts on what you can control and influence
  • Think about what you neither can control nor influence - the circle of concern
    Still you can react on what you neither can control nor influence
  • Widen your circle on control and influence
  • Use the tool for your own personal growth, as the easy tool roots back to the book 7 habits of highly effective poeple (Stephen Covey), first published 1989


Artwork Circle of Influence

3D printed sculpture
16 parts (base)
45 parts (spheres

Print hours 140+ hours
Year 2022
Dimension 19x23x17 cm


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