Art becomes art, if it makes you think!

Digtial Sculpture? Art meets Technology and Technology meets art - intersecting, interactive and about values. Digitally crafted and brought back to the real world. Find my portfolio following the link below ...


Values? What makes you getting up early morning every day? Your values! Your values really, really matter...

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My work is about interaction and having a dialogue - I love to hear from you ! Inquiries on my art or feedback follow the link below!

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The Lab - I challenge the limits of art and technology: Art meets technology - technology meets art - variants, mesh-ups. Curios? and want to know more?

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There is always a work being in my focus . Ideas, the latest artwork or revisiting an earlier work - check it out here!


Who am I? Who am I? What am I? Why am I? - want to know more about the artist - here you go!


Endavour the journey!

Ivo Meier is a visionary digital artist who creates stunning and unique sculptures that transcend conventional art. He harnesses the power of 3D printing to create shapes that are both geometric and organic, and that thrive in the real and virtual world. He blends art and technology in an ingenious and original way that captivates and inspires the viewer. He draws from his personal history, his professional experience and his passion for art and technology to explore topics such as human existence, freedom, meaning and transformation. He challenges the viewer to reflect on being human, dealing with emotions, the influence of external and internal forces and the pursuit of values. He produces artworks that are interactive, reflective and socially relevant. He pushes the limits of digital art and unveils new possibilities for artistic expression and communication. He is an artist who uses art and technology as tools for exploring and shaping the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover his artistic vision and different perspective of the world we're living in.


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