when digital art & NFT meet conventional art (by Ivo Meier)

Latest News: Entire Half - exhibited at KPM3

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"Entire Half" exhibited at kpm3

In our premises, the Swiss artist ivo meier presents his fascinating cycle 'Entire Half', which is part of his Contemplation series and reflects the complexity of human nature. The series consists of four impressive wall sculptures that celebrate the human ability to recognize strengths and weaknesses, draw inspiration from them, and develop innovative ideas.

The artworks were digitally designed and realized using 3D printing technology. In doing so, Ivo Meier skillfully combines digital and traditional art as well as old craftsmanship.

The exhibition 'Entire Half' and the connection of art, technology, and the digital dimension perfectly reflect the philosophy of kpm3: Innovative solutions for communication, culture, and art.

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kpm3 embodies today’s state-of-the-art when it comes to the planning and erection of temporary construction projects. You will find our projects at trade fairs, events, exhibitions, visitor centers, pavilions and world exhibitions.

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