Dots - wall installation interactive



Having a vision - figurative art by Ivo Meier

Having a Vision!

Having a vision

real B Imaginarium - collaboration Richard Ewards/Ivo Meier

RealB - Imaginarium

a subtle journey...

Big Data - Digitale Skulptur (Ivo Meier-Schweiz)

Secrecy - Big Data

About your personal data

3D-ink (Digital Art Sculpture)


Wall-Sculpture, interactive

3D-ink (Digital Art Sculpture)

Died in vain

Wall-Sculpture, interactive

Contemplation growing... (Digital Art Sculpture by Ivo Meier)

Contemplation growing

Digital Art Sculpture

Artseries Overview

Centric & Impact

The spheres represent the elements and events of our lives, and the impacts that we have on ourselves, on others, and on the world.


The art series ‘contemplation’ explores the idea of duality and emptiness...create, think, feel, and transform

#Values matter

An artproject endorsing values: About 27 individuals and the their values - values that really matter!

Visit the art project


Smaller and affordable variants of the larger sculpture following the photographic concept about finding the sweetspot...


Rage & Protests

Rage and Protest - sometimes only 'standing up and being bold' resutls in change!


Ulimited editions on some of my favourite sculpture and also singles /