The art series ‘Sweetspot’ embodies a captivating concept that resonates with the essence of art. Imagine a photograph where the focal point—the sweetspot—captures the heart of the scene. In these sculptures, each form contains a core element that encapsulates the true essence of its larger sculpture. Just as a photographer seeks that perfect spot to capture the essence of their subject, these sweetspot sculpture are like whispers of truth, inviting us to explore the soul of each creation and the bigger picture and context.

Circles - Sweetspot Digital Art Sculpture by Ivo Meier (Detail)

Circles (Sweetspot)

Circles - Sweetspot

Centric - Sweetspot Digital Art Sculpture by Ivo Meier (Detail)

Centric (Sweetspot)

Circles - Sweetspot

Impact - Sweetspot Digital Art Sculpture by Ivo Meier (Detail)

Impact (Sweetspot)

Impact - Sweetspot

Big Values- Sweetspot Digital Art Sculpture by Ivo Meier (Detail)

Big Values (Sweetspot)

Big Values - Sweetspot

Diversity - Sweetspot (Digital Art Sculpture)

Diversity (Sweetspot)

Diversity (Sweetspot)

Serenity (Tipping Point) - Sweetspot Digital Art Sculpture by Ivo Meier (Detail)

Serenity Tipping Point (Sweetspot)

Serenity (Tipping Point) - Sweetspot

Inifinitiy Sweetspot (Digital Art Sculpture)

Infinity (Sweetspot)

Infinity (Sweetspot)

Artseries Overview

Centric & Impact

The spheres represent the elements and events of our lives, and the impacts that we have on ourselves, on others, and on the world.


The art series ‘contemplation’ explores the idea of duality and emptiness...create, think, feel, and transform

#Values matter

An artproject endorsing values: About 27 individuals and the their values - values that really matter!

Visit the art project


Smaller and affordable variants of the larger sculpture following the photographic concept about finding the sweetspot...


Rage & Protests

Rage and Protest - sometimes only 'standing up and being bold' resutls in change!


Ulimited editions on some of my favourite sculpture and also singles /