real B Imaginarium - collaboration Richard Ewards/Ivo Meier

NFT RealB - Imaginarium

animated NFT - a subtle journey...

Thumbnail: NFT Emptiness VI - paper version (by Ivo Meier)

Digital art meets origami

Create & fold your own copy!

NFT 'Inner Strength' - Animation as a nft on

Digital Art - from the idea to the real world sculpture

from an idea to a digital sculpture (how to)

NFT 'Inner Strength' - Animation as a nft on

NFT - Emptiness

NFT (Nifties) based on 'Inner Focus' on Rarible

Thumbnail: 'Inner World' Animation as a nft/nifty (by Ivo Meier)

NFT - Inner World

NFT (Nifties) based on 'Inner World' on Rarible

Insanity Animation as a nft (by Ivo Meier)

NFT - In/-Sanity

NFT (Nifties) based on 'Insanity' on Rarible

Thumbnail: 'Silence' Animation as a nft/nifty (by Ivo Meier)

NFT - Silence

NFT (Nifties) based on 'Silence' on Rarible

Profile on - Art by Ivo Meier (thumbnail)

My Profile on - (NFT)

NFT - Profile on

Thumbnail: Digital Art Sculpture - components of 'centric (white)'

Reflection on art by Ivo Meier (author Anna-Lena Jahn)

Reflection on my art by Anna-Lena Jahn

Hidden Feelings (2001) as a nifty (nft)

Nifties - Non Fungible Token (NFT) will change the art market

Learn more why NFT (Nifties) are here to stay!

Thumbnail: NFT-Emptiness VI - colored (2021) as a nifty (by Ivo Meier)

Core of Emptiness V I (NFT)

NFT (Nifties) based on Emptiness V I

The Cube (Wall Frame)

The (art) Cube

The Cube - versaitaile!

The Cube (Wall Frame)

The Art Market is challenged....

"The Art market is challenged...."

The Cube (Wall Frame)

Virtual gallery

COVID closed galleries & museums - visti the virtual gallery

Newsletter - May 2022

Newsletter May 2022 (Sachspenden für

Inventory of artworks

All artworks by Ivo Meier