Thumbnail: when digital art & NFT meet conventional art (by Ivo Meier)

REVISITED: Digital Trends - Challenging the Art Market

As both being a technologist and an artist, I believe it is essential to anticipate trends and understand how emerging technologies can be leveraged to benefit artists and galleries. That's how....

Ivo Meier, Digital Artist and Sculptor, Switzerland (thumbnail)

The art of Leadership and why values matter

To be an outstanding leader, prioritize value,...

real B Imaginarium - collaboration Richard Ewards/Ivo Meier

NFT RealB - Imaginarium

animated NFT - a subtle journey...

Thumbnail: NFT Emptiness VI - paper version (by Ivo Meier)

Digital art meets origami

Create & fold your own copy!

NFT 'Inner Strength' - Animation as a nft on

Digital Art - from the idea to the real world sculpture

from an idea to a digital sculpture (how to)

NFT 'Inner Strength' - Animation as a nft on

NFT - Emptiness

NFT (Nifties) based on 'Inner Focus' on Rarible

Thumbnail: 'Inner World' Animation as a nft/nifty (by Ivo Meier)

NFT - Inner World

NFT (Nifties) based on 'Inner World' on Rarible

Insanity Animation as a nft (by Ivo Meier)

NFT - In/-Sanity

NFT (Nifties) based on 'Insanity' on Rarible

Thumbnail: 'Silence' Animation as a nft/nifty (by Ivo Meier)

NFT - Silence

NFT (Nifties) based on 'Silence' on Rarible

Profile on - Art by Ivo Meier (thumbnail)

My Profile on - (NFT)

NFT - Profile on

Thumbnail: Digital Art Sculpture - components of 'centric (white)'

Reflection on art by Ivo Meier (author Anna-Lena Jahn)

Reflection on my art by Anna-Lena Jahn

Hidden Feelings (2001) as a nifty (nft)

Nifties - Non Fungible Token (NFT) will change the art market

Learn more why NFT (Nifties) are here to stay!

Thumbnail: NFT-Emptiness VI - colored (2021) as a nifty (by Ivo Meier)

Core of Emptiness V I (NFT)

NFT (Nifties) based on Emptiness V I

The Cube (Wall Frame)

The (art) Cube

The Cube - versaitaile!

The Cube (Wall Frame)

The Art Market is challenged....

"The Art market is challenged...."

The Cube (Wall Frame)

Virtual gallery

COVID closed galleries & museums - visti the virtual gallery

Newsletter - May 2022

Newsletter May 2022 (Sachspenden für

Inventory of artworks

All artworks by Ivo Meier

Artseries Overview

Centric & Impact

The spheres represent the elements and events of our lives, and the impacts that we have on ourselves, on others, and on the world.


The art series ‘contemplation’ explores the idea of duality and emptiness...create, think, feel, and transform

#Values matter

An artproject endorsing values: About 27 individuals and the their values - values that really matter!

Visit the art project


Smaller and affordable variants of the larger sculpture following the photographic concept about finding the sweetspot...


Rage & Protests

Rage and Protest - sometimes only 'standing up and being bold' resutls in change!


Ulimited editions on some of my favourite sculpture and also singles /