Serenity (Tipping Point) - Sweetspot Digital Art Sculpture by Ivo Meier

Serenity Tipping Point (Sweetspot)

Serenity (Tipping Point) 

The sculpture “Serenity” explores the impacts that we have on ourselves, on others, and on the world. Serenity represents the tipping point, the very moment when we are ready to make a decision. Tipping point - the critical moment when a small change can have a big effect. The sculpture invites you to reflect on your own tipping points and choices in life.
Sometimes we need to go through our lives and make a decision at a certain stage, when the situation becomes clear and urgent. Sometimes we walk a journey and the tipping point is just a consequence of our actions and circumstances.
Be challenged to think about the balance and harmony of your own life, and the consequences of your decisions - conscious and unconscious decisions in your life.

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Sweetspot "Serenity"


3D printed sculpture
free-standing or mounted on MDF




Sculpture 60x40x5 cm


5 (signed/numbered)

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