Serenity (Tipping Point) - Sweetspot Digital Art Sculpture by Ivo Meier

Serenity Tipping Point (Sweetspot)

Serenity (Tipping Point) - Sweet Spot as a Wall Sculpture or for on the shelf.
Serenity is available as a larger version (25x40 cm). Infinity has been the first sculpture within this artseries here: Serenity (Tipping Point) - Digital Art Sculpture
Sweetspots are based on larger sculpture or concepts of future 3D printed sculpture... seeking the Sweet Spot, reduction and a next level of abstract. Frame 30x30 (Sculpture 14cmx14cm) 
As an artist you have to have a focus on the very detail and the big picture at the same time. I have hundreds of photos on details - the wrinkles of an elephant's skin as example - seeking the The series 'Sweetspot' in 3D is about where and what I put my very focus. The serie 'Sweet Spots' is based on the 3Dprinted artworks (planned or realized): Focus on the detail. The ultimate goal is to move the work to a next level.

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Sweetspot "Serenity"


3D printed sculpture
free-standing or mounted on MDF




Sculpture 14x14x5 cm


5 (signed/numbered)

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