Big Data - Digitale Skulptur (Ivo Meier-Schweiz)

Secrecy - Big Data

Secrecy (Big Data)

The work is inspired by a discussion about big data and data secrecy.

Your data will be harvested, collected and analyzed. Likes, comment - and also your health record, insurance data, smart watch records, ....
Often this is being done in a good intention, but are you sure about it? We seldom know, who does what with your data, we simly don't know.
Konzerne sind uns einen Schritt voraus.

The magnetic 'zero' and 'one' stands for your data - the smallest unit of your data stored. The viewer created new endless variants, words and pictures. 


Artwork Secrecy (Big Data)

3D printed sculpture/
Acryl on MDF

Parts 64 parts/128 magnets
Year 2022
Dimension 60x40x2cm
Edition 5


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