Flying high (Digital Art Sculpture)

Flying high

“Flying High” is the title of two figurative sculptures. These captivating sculptures, which were finally realized in 2017, have their roots in sketches dating back to 2001. The sculptures symbolize our individual hopes and dreams—those aspirations that sometimes become buried in the hustle and bustle of our daily life. By having these flyers hanging around, they remind us to keep our dreams and hope alive, tucked safely within our hearts. They serve as a visual reminder not to let our aspirations fade away, but rather to nurture them, allowing them to soar high and remain an integral part of our lives!

They also invite the viewers to explore their own dreams and aspirations, and to challenge themselves to reach new heights.

They are available as small version and as well larger dimension (below 30x33 cm / created 2023).
Flying High is part of the unlimited art series (numbered). The numbered and unlimited series allow to distribute my work at a very moderate price.




Flying high


3D printed sculpture




small 10x15x5cm
mid: 30x33x9



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